Ordering my Raspberry Pi

Ordering my Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi was finally released on the 29th February. I didn’t manage to get up early enough to try and get my order in when sales opened at 6am, so I missed out on getting hold of one of the first batch that have been manufactured.

In fact it took me a couple of days to get my order to go through, as the websites of RS Components and Farnell were getting hammered at up to seven hundred times per second for days.

I ended up ordering through Farnell, and promptly received a conformation email that gave a projected delivery date of mid-April. This was followed a few days later by another email pushing that date back until mid-May.

Since then I’ve read a few articles reporting that there was a glitch with the first batch from the factory, as the wrong type of network socket had been soldered to the board. So they’re having to replace those on all the boards. Nightmare.

So it seems the launch has been beset by a few niggles. Let’s hope the team can get things ironed out soon.