Getting Cabled

Getting Cabled

There’s a long and tedious story about the first time Virgin tried to install our broadband. Suffice to say, I wasted a lot of time waiting around needlessly.

So anyway, the second time they tried, they succeeded, just about. They gave me some story about only being able to split the broadband cable into two (one for the Tivo box, the other for the modem), claiming that to split it further would reduce my broadband speeds. This seems pretty unlikely to me. It’s perfectly reasonable to have two TV boxes and a cable modem in the same house. So I’m going to buy myself a 3-way cable splitter and replace the 2-way one they installed.

I’m trying to get hold of the electrical drawings for the house, so I can work out exactly what the first fix electricians have done. As far as I can tell, I think they’ve run cable to the ‘standard’ BT sockets, then also installed seperate cable runs for the cable/satellite points, and then run RF coaxial down from the loft for a TV aerial.

Which seems pretty comprehensive. I just need to figure out how to join bits of it together in some sort of useful and meaningful way. The Virgin engineers didn’t seem interested in getting things working logically, and just installed another phone socket to run their cables into. So in the downstairs living room I now have 7 seperate telephone points, and no idea of how they are wired together. At the moment, the only one that will be live is the new one the Virgin guys added.

I say ‘will be live’ as it’s not working yet. There’s yet another engineer visit required to complete the cabling in the box at the end of the street.

So all in all, a comprehensively underwhelming installation.