DSC Power Series Alarm Installed

DSC Power Series Alarm Installed

So, just over a week ago, I got the boxes with the DSC Power Series kit in them. I’d been reading the Reference Manual during the weeks prior to ordering, so I was pretty confident about getting started. The main dilemma I faced was deciding where to run the cable that I needed to reach the front of the house. And the second was the best route for the cable to the external sounder.

Loads of people have asked me why I haven’t gone with a wireless alarm. The answer I give is that I have! Part of the reason I chose the DSC Power Series was that it allows a healthy mix of wired and wireless detectors on the same system. I find the reliability of wired sensors very reassuring, but I didn’t want to have to run cables all over the house.

So I opted to place an 8 Zone expander module in the garage, and ran one cable to it to provide the Keybus and siren connections. This module would then have the front door, garage door, garage PIR and hall PIR wired into it. I put another wired PIR in the kitchen, and a wired glassbreak connector watching the patio doors, both wired directly into the main alarm cabinet.

The first and second floors have purely wireless sensors. The majority of them are on the first floor, PIRs and door and window contacts. With the final PIR on the second floor, covering the landing.

The total shopping list:

  • 1x PC1864 Control Panel
  • 1x Large Metal Cabinet (inc Transformer and Tamper)
  • 1x Medium Metal Cabinet
  • 1x English Text Keypad with Integral Wireless Receiver
  • 1x 8 Zone expansion module
  • 1x 8 low current output module
  • 5x Wireless Vanishing Contact
  • 4x Wireless Pet Immune PIR Detectors
  • 4x Wired Dual Technology PIR
  • 5x Wired door contacts

So, now I need to get an Arduino installed in the main cabinet, connected to the programmable outputs from the alarm. And then also get myself an IP module that connects directly to the alarm. The idea is to have a GSM module on the Arduino providing broad level reporting on the alarm status, and use the IP module to provide fine grained two way control of the system. This way I can be reliably informed of any intrusions, and also take advantage of the sensors all around the house to give me occupancy detection to switch lights on and off on each floor as and when required.