Envisalink 3

Envisalink 3

I’ve had my eye on a little device from Eyez-On called the Envisalink 2DS, that connects to DSC alarm systems. It’s wired to the keybus and allows a whole host of reporting and alarm control via IP.

I noticed today that Eyez-On have updated their website with the Envisalink 3. It looks pretty good. They run a web based service to provide remote access to your security system. And I’ve read quite a bit about the API for writing your own local scripts, which seems fairly full spec.


EDIT: 10th October 2012

I enquired with Eyez-On directly about how to buy the Envisalink 3 in the UK. They said they were very happy to ship it here. Before I ordered, I decided to check with zwave-products.co.uk as they currently sell the Envisalink 2DS, if and when they might have stock of the newer model.

Their response was that they are currently selling the ‘3’ , if you ordered a 2DS, they would ship you the Envisalink 3.  So I suggested they update their website to reflect the fact. Which they promptly did!


By my calculations it might be a few pounds cheaper to order direct from Eyez-On in Canada, but that would entail faffing around with Customs and Excise when it entered the country, so it’s far easier to order from the UK.

I’ve ordered mine this morning.

UPDATE 15th October 2012

Received it this morning. Slightly OTT packaging from Z-Wave Products! It’s actually labelled as a ‘connect2go’ Envisalink 3, and is tiny.