LightwaveRF appliance control

LightwaveRF appliance control

I bought a few plug-in modules to control a few of the table lamps we’ve got dotted around the house. I’ve not got round to changing the downlighters in the main areas from the stupid SGU10 fittings the builders installed to normal GU10’s so that I can accommodate dimmable bulbs. So I’ve had to be content with just messing around with the table lamps!

These little devices are simplicity itself to get working. Literally plug them in, press and hold the on/off/pairing button for a few seconds, and then press the button on the remote that you want to associate with that device. Done.

I did however have my first LightwaveRF ‘dud’ The remote that came with the 3 modules I bought wouldn’t pair with them. Even though the existing remote I had already paired without any problems. So I returned them and got a new pack. This replacement worked without a hitch.

EDIT: October 2012:

I managed to fry one of the plug-in modules. I plugged the power drill into the same double socket it was running off. I wasn’t looking directly at the lightwave unit as I pulled the trigger on the drill. But I’m pretty sure I saw the lights flash (perhaps it was even a spark!?). After that it wouldn’t respond to radio commands. It would operate via the local switch though. But that’s not much use!