Buyer Beware: 5 Year Warranty?

Buyer Beware: 5 Year Warranty?

I’m feeling a little stung recently.

As I’ve written about a lot on this site, I’ve replaced all the low energy bulbs and fittings in my house with very low power LEDs. Almost all of these bulbs have been bought from LED Hut. In total I’ve spent over £300 with them over the past two years.

In January one of the bulbs stopped working, and so when I eventually got round to removing it, I filled in a returns form and sent it back to LED Hut. A few days later I was told that the bulb was out of warranty and so wouldn’t be replaced.

There are several reasons I chose to buy from LED Hut, but one of the strongest ones was the 5 year warranty they offer on all their products. The image accompanying this post is from their site, clearly showing the benefits of shopping with them.

I obviously raised this matter with LED Hut, who told me that you need to fill out a warranty form when you buy the bulbs in order to qualify for the extended warranty. I had no idea this was the case, and indeed if I had known, why would I not fill out the form to the get the warranty I decidedly wanted?!

So they’ve lost my business.