New house, new camera system

New house, new camera system

I moved house a few months back, and set about installing a new CCTV system… As I was starting from scratch again, this time I went for Samsung cameras and an NVR. I felt that this would offer me a slightly better user experience than I had had with the X-Vision equipment from HD-CCTV.

Don’t get me wrong, there was nothing wrong with the X-Vision devices. I guess a combination of wanting to try something new, aesthetics and a sprinkling of brand-snobbery all factored into the decision.

The house is part rendered white, so white cameras seemed to make sense. And I wanted vandal resistant domes, as at least two of the cameras would be only about 6-7 feet from the floor. Which would make Mr Hogan Howe very happy:

So we’re trying to get people to, ideally, add another camera at face level.”

I plumped for an 8 channel NVR. My initial plan was for 4 cameras, but of course, I suspected I might well increase that number further as time went on!

Being able to run just one cable to each camera is a massive bonus for me too. The power and signal is carried over a single CAT5 cable to each camera. In fact running the cables around my property (despite underground cable ducts installed by the builders) actually took me weeks to sort out. Whilst the actual install of the cameras themselves only took minutes.

In the few months they have been up and running, we’ve had a couple of instances of dodgy characters wandering about on our property, several fox encounters and multiple checks on the times of deliveries. But to make the whole thing even more worthwhile, we’ve even shared some images of a motorbike thief with the police. “Oh wow, they’re really good quality images” said the officer sent round to investigate.