It all started with a house. A new house. A new, new-build house.

I’ve been tinkering with my own website for years. I spent some time tinkering with an old computer I’d installed Ubuntu on. I needed something new to tinker with. And now I had the house. A whole house to tinker with.

I think it was the words ‘Pre-Wired for Alarm’ in the sales literature that started my mind wandering. I started looking into burglar alarms, ones that had weird programmable outputs that I could tinker with. Then home energy monitors, home servers, electric garage door openers, automatic garden irrigation systems, electric curtain openers…

Then I learn about a little device called an Arduino. Then more, the ‘WiFly’ RN-XV, the Raspberry Pi, HomeEasy automation products. Can I get them all talking and working together? I hope so.

I’m fairly confident at being able to get things done using PHP, so the current plan is to get a web server running on a Raspberry Pi, that accepts sensor data from RN-XV’s, communicates with the burglar alarm via an Arduino, and can send and receive SMS messages via an Arduino GSM shield.

But how to get everything working together? That’s what this blog is about, me trying to get things working.